“International inquiries are through the roof!
Sold 6 beacons to the Philippines and 2 to Italy. Beyond expectations!”

– Wes Wagner, Halibrite.com

Our SEO Services

Managed SEO

We provide end-to-end SEO management including keyword research, reporting, SEO content creation, link-building, and just about any service you need to dominate SERPs.

Google Maps SEO

We make sure customers searching for local services can find you. This is perfect for small businesses that provide services like law firms, accounting firms, dentists, etc.

SEO Content Creation

High-quality content is vital in order for your website to rank on Google. We create SEO-friendly posts and pages to help your website rank for your desired keywords.

White Hat Link-Building

High-quality inbound links have always been essential to Google’s ranking algorithm. We know how to properly build a link profile without being penalized by Google (white hat).

SEO Web Development

To outrank your competitors on Google, your site has to be fast, mobile-friendly, and well-designed. We can optimize your existing website and create new content following SEO best practices.

Monitoring & Reporting

What gets measured gets managed. One of the most important aspects of SEO is Monitoring & Reporting. We provide our clients with a monthly report showing where they rank.

How to rank on Google

SEO doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing, or shrouded in mystery. Google tells you exactly what you need to do to rank. It boils down to just three things.

Quality Content

When was the last time you searched for low-quality content? Never? We all want quality content so Google ranks it higher.


Fast websites make users happy, Google wants its users to be happy, so Google ranks faster websites higher.

Quality Inbound Links

Google has used the number of inbound links as a ranking factor since the beginning, and it still does today.

Industries We Serve

  • Legal Services
  • Accounting & Book Keeping
  • Dentists
  • Home Repair & Construction
  • Restaurants & Venues
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Auto Repair


How To Perform an SEO Audit

There are lots of easy ways to improve your SEO! That’s especially true if you’re a little techy and enjoy working working on the internet. We’ve listed out everything we check during a standard SEO evaluation here.

Let us roast your website’s SEO

Enter your name, email, and website using the form below and we’ll review your website’s SEO and provide some recommendations for what you can do to improve.

How To Search Optimize a Blog Post

Learn how to Search Engine Optimize a blog post so the content you create has the greatest impact possible on your SERPs.

Rank for Voice Search

Millions of people are now searching by voice with Amazon Alexa. We submit your business’s information to keep your data accurate and relevant in voices searches.

Inbound Links

Inbound links have always been essential to Google’s search ranking algorithm. In the old days, people would build inbound links by posting blog comments and adding articles to directories. Today, Google prefers websites to have an inbound link profile coming from high-quality websites. For local search, this starts with citations in local directories. It’s essential to have a consistent Name, Address, and Phone number across all directories.

See Our Work!

Download real-life reports of our client’s search engine ranking positions!


Nolan & Shafer

SEO vs SERP: What’s the difference?

Generally speaking, the terms are used almost interchangeably, but it’s good to understand the difference.


Search Engine Optimization is a technical process that makes a website more friendly to search engines. For example, making a website load fast, or mobile-friendly are examples of search engine optimization.


Search Engine Ranking Positions are all about what position your website is ranking at when users search for different keywords. If you want to rank higher in Google, you’re talking about improving your SERP.