There’s a bunch of stuff to do.

1. Generate a Google Lighthouse Report

A Google Lighthouse Report. It will reveal how Google grades your website. If all you want to do is “optimize” your website for “search” then correcting any issues found in the Lighthouse report is probably all you will need to do.

2. Identify Target Keywords or Search Phrases

What keywords or search phrases would you like to rank higher for, and what position are you ranking in for those keywords now? To answer that question go to semrush.com and run a report. If you don’t want to sign up for an account, send us an email and we’ll run a report for you.

3. Standardize Local Citations

Run an audit of “local citations” to ensure consistency. These are directories, like Yelp, that list your “NAP” or Name, Address, and Phone Number. This not only helps people who are trying to find your business, but it contributes to your SERP on Google.

4. Create a Report

The final step is to collect all your findings in a single report and to create a plan of action to resolve issues, improve shortfalls, and capitalize on opportunities you’ve discovered during your research/audit.