WP Buffs Compared to WP Harbor

At WP Harbor, we understand that choosing between all the different website management service providers can be difficult. Everyone has their own proposition and making heads or tails between the options available can quickly become overwhelming.

Your website is extremely important, which is why you should take the time to examine the prices and services of all prospects. Due diligence on the research is what will ensure you work with someone that understands your needs and fits best with your vision.

However, we understand that research takes a lot of time. So, we took care of it for you. We examined the pricing of the plans, plan features, and custom-service offerings of one other provider, WP Buffs, to help you make an informed decision. We are confident that after this breakdown, you’ll see why we are the best option in the market.

WP Harbor vs WP Buffs

When it comes to services, there are a lot that of great things that we both offer. Like 24/7 support and uptime monitoring, as well as an unlimited edits plan. However, it’s the differences between us that set us apart. Let’s take a look at what they are:

Plan Pricing

The WP Buffs price plans start at $79.00 per month for their Maintain plan. Our starter plan is only $47.00 per month. That’s 40 percent less. Not to mention that our starter plan includes many features not found on WP Buff’s Maintain plan, such as essential SEO, Malware removal, and speed optimization.

Premium WordPress Plugins

We offer a variety of premium WordPress plugins as part of our starter plan. You’ll get access to over $1000 in plugins and tools, such as Gravity Forms, the Thrive Suite, and both Facebook and Instagram integrations. WP Buffs doesn’t have that deal in any plan.

Visitor Tracking

Traffic data is an essential source of information for a website. We both provide Google Analytics integration, but only WP Harbor includes Google Search console integration as well as submitting a site map to search engines. Did we mention this boosts SEO?

Essential SEO

Getting found on search engines like Google is extremely important for the success of your site. We cover the essentials of search engine optimization like submitting an XML sitemap to Google for site indexing.

Security and Malware Removal

An SSL Certificate, cloud backups, and malware removal are services we both offer. But only WP Harbor includes all of it as part of our starter plan. With WP Buffs, you’d need to subscribe to the much pricier $159 Protect plan for security protection, and the $219 Perform plan for Malware Removal.

Speed Optimization

Speaking about performance, we include speed optimization as part of the starter plan. With WP Buffs, you’d need the $219 Perform plan for such a service. We perform a speed optimization test, set up your site to use Cloudflare’s CDN, and install and configure WP Rocket, which is one of the best paid plugins out there for speed optimization and it comes included as part of our premium plugins package.

Cloud Backups

Backing up your site is extremely important, and both WP Harbor and WP Buffs acknowledge it. WP Buffs will back up your site once each day with their starter plan. We do so too, but we also back it up weekly as well, and on a different server. This way even if one of the servers fails, we have another backup to fall back to. You are doubly covered.

Professional E-Mail Service

Did we mention we also offer custom email setup services? We’ll have you and your team working with a unique domain name to give you that professional look that comes with it. Starting at $4/Domain with our own HarborMail, or $7/Domain with Google Workspace.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Plans and Services

 WP Harbor

 WP Buffs

Starter Plan Pricing $47 monthly $79 monthly
Premium WordPress Plugins Included Not Included
Visitor Tracking Google Analytics and
Google Search integration
Google Analytics only
Essential SEO Included Not included
Security Included in Starter Plan Only in $159 and above plans
Speed Optimization Included in Starter Plan Only in $219 and above plans
Malware Removal Included in Starter Plan Only in $219 and above plans
Cloud Backups Daily and Weekly Backups
stored in separate servers
Professional E-Mail Service Starting at $4/Inbox Not offered

Best Value WP Buffs vs. WP Harbor

The numbers don’t lie. If you are looking for the best value proposition out there, you are looking for WP Harbor. Because when it comes to your business website, you don’t want to settle for just good. You want the best. Let’s get your website running. Click here to schedule a meeting with company founder Chad Lawie, or use the form below!