What to Look for in a WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme

Your website design is the first thing everyone notices. The way your website looks and operates dictates how often users access your web page and stay there. Thankfully, WordPress has an abundance of themes to make your website stand out, while making it easier to build your website.

WordPress has a variety of tools available to help you on your journey to create a WordPress site that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, even for those with little to no computer knowledge. Unfortunately, with all the choices WordPress offers, making a decision gets difficult. However, there are key elements to look for whenever building a WordPress and they aren’t exactly spelled out on the page builder. At first, this may seem intimidating, but don’t worry, you aren’t alone. We’re here to help know what to look for when choosing a WordPress theme.

Find a WordPress Theme that reflects who your company is

Your company might not have a focus online, but odds are, it will be the first place most people hear about you. Even if your company conducts business at a physical location, a strong website design helps attract new customers. It also broadcasts to the world how serious your company is about its business.

Your WordPress them should reflect this with a clean, vibrant, and professional look. A colorful site is okay, but don’t go overboard. If you do, things could get messy. Stick to two or three colors as any more than that tends to cause trouble. It’s okay to be conservative in website design. Extra quirks and animations might not be worth their bandwidth if they transmit different messages than your company’s persona. Don’t feel the need to adhere to being the loudest website, focus on being the most efficient while maintaining your corporate identity.

Sometimes it’s worth spending a little on Premium Themes

Your first instinct may be to pick the most visually appealing free WordPress theme. This might not be a bad idea for starting out your website, but most free themes offer very little in terms of customization and creativity. Moreover, they rarely see updates to keep them compatible with the latest screens and devices.

Opting for a paid theme grants you greater access to a variety of tools to better suit your overall objective. While some of these tools may be outside of necessity, it’s better to have too many options than not enough, within reason of course. These tools will allow you to create a unique experience tailored to your target user base.

Paid themes also receive more constant updates than those found within the free pile. These updates assist with unwanted bugs and glitches. As another added bonus, they also better prepare your site for the constantly changing technological landscape, such as the relatively new 4K displays. Even though they are new now, their prevalence is steadily growing. You want a WordPress theme to make sure that your site isn’t left behind whenever new media takes its hold on consumers.

Your WordPress Theme should be effective on all platforms

The most effective websites are responsive across all platforms. Responsive websites reformat to match the device that it is being viewed on. For example, the difference between a desktop screen and a smartphone display. Responsiveness stands for more than just visual appeal. We utilize web pages differently depending on the devices we use. For example, there isn’t a right-click on a mobile device, so you hold your finger down, or you swipe from top to bottom on a touch-screen to go up instead of clicking and moving a mouse.

When choosing a WordPress theme, you want to check the responsiveness of it first. One of the fastest ways to do this is to resize your browser and see how the web page reacts. Usually, if you resize a web page to take up about half of your screen on a computer, you end up seeing the mobile version. A lot of laptops nowadays feature touch screens as well, so this is another important factor to focus on.

There is no such thing as the “Perfect Theme”

Not everything works perfectly right outside the box. Regardless of whichever theme you choose to build your WordPress, there is going to be time for experimentation. Don’t become discouraged after a page doesn’t connect the right way the first time. There is always room for a little trial and error. Spending the time to tweak your WordPress will allow you to become more familiar with the web builder’s language. The more work you put into WordPress themes the closer you will be to making your ideal website a reality.

Find a theme that works well for you and reflects the overall personality of your company without compromising your purpose. WordPress is there to help you make the best possible impression on your viewers by combining style with innovative features. By knowing what to look for in a WordPress theme, you’re sure to choose the right one for your business.