WordPress Management for Small Business Owners

Why WordPress Is Excellent for Small Businesses

The importance of having a website for any business, no matter the size, can’t be denied. Even more so if you have a small business that’s looking to break into the scene or further improve its standing. Over 80% of shoppers perform some form of online research before buying a product. This means that with a website your product will have an easier time reaching the eyes of the public.

WordPress is an excellent platform for site building, as it allows you to create your own with ease. Using their tools, you can create a site that helps you improve the visibility and recognition of your brand, build credibility, reach a wider audience, and give your clients an easy point of contact.

However, while making a website might not be extremely difficult nowadays, managing it is a whole different story. Many small business owners have websites that actually work against them due to poor management, driving potential customers away instead of enticing them.

Challenges of Website Management

Managing a website is not simple. You have to keep track of multiple things in order to maximize your site’s effectiveness. Some of the most common challenges of management are:

No Time

Managing a website takes a lot of time, but so does running a business. Every moment you spent on the website is time you are not spending growing business. This can quickly add up and result in loss of profit. On the other hand, a site that is not attended to won’t achieve the desired results.

Poor SEO Structure

In order for a site to provide you with leads and create interest, people must be able to find it. However, most business owners aren’t familiar with how to optimize a website for search engine rankings. People rarely click past the first page of search engines, so for your site to succeed it needs to rank up.

Dead Pages and Broken Links

Websites require maintenance and care, as well as needing to constantly evolve to adapt to the needs of the business. As such, your site might go through transition periods, with new sections getting added or old sections getting removed. If you aren’t careful with you could leave behind dead pages and links that lead nowhere. This is very frustrating for users to find, and shows a lack of attention.

Lack of Data Tracking

Websites offer a lot of information on how people are engaging with your content, but many don’t take advantage of this data. If you don’t know how to use it, you are wasting a lot of your site’s potential.

Poor Optimization

A website that doesn’t run well will do more harm to your business than any good that could come from it. 88% of consumers are less likely to return after a bad experience. If the site feels sluggish or unresponsive people won’t want to visit it.

How WP Harbor Comes to Your Rescue

With all those challenges you might be thinking that this is more trouble than it’s worth, but rest assured a website is an incredible investment. What you need is a team of experienced professionals that can help you manage it. Here’s how WP Harbor can help you overcome those challenges:

Dedicated Support

We’ll have a dedicated US-based team for you that knows your site inside and out. Our professional admins will handle all site management so you can focus on the business side of things.

SEO Essentials

We take into consideration search engine optimization and generate an XML Sitemap to submit to search engines for indexing. This helps them understand your site better and aids in ranking.

Site Monitoring

We’ll ping your site every minute to make sure it’s up and running, as well as ensure all sections of it are working properly. We also monitor for spam to prevent it.

Analytics Review

We ensure your site has the right tools installed to track the data on your visitors. Tools like Google Analytics and Google Search will provide you with useful data about your consumers and traffic that can help you develop your brand further.

Bi-Weekly Updates

Our team will optimize your site’s load time to make sure it’s running smoothly, and we’ll verify you have the latest updates on WordPress themes and plugins on a bi-weekly basis.

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