WordPress Help 101: What to Do When Stuff Goes Wrong

WordPress Help 101

WordPress Help

Most days your WordPress will operate without fail, just the way you envisioned it. Some days aren’t so lucky. Whenever things go wrong, don’t stress. There are plenty of tools, tips, and communities that are there for your WordPress help. Let’s take a look at what to do when things go wrong with your WordPress site.

Some formatting issues are easier to fix before hitting publish

How you present your information on WordPress is usually how it appears on the final web page. There are occasional moments where things simply just won’t fall into place after hitting publish. This could be due to your selected theme and how it registers the information. It could be something smaller like an accidental press of the space bar. Some things you just don’t catch until you see how it appears on your actual website.

The easiest ways to see how things look before publishing is with the handy “Preview” button. This will show you how everything looks before you hit publish. Now you will be able to experiment with the formatting before letting your content out into the wild. This simple tool is located near the publish button. Some may not know the feature ever existed if they are new to WordPress. Make sure your writers are aware of this feature so their content is visibly consistent with the rest of the web page.

Recovering a Saved Draft Brings Back Accidentally Deleted Text

WordPress does it’s best to keep your content safe from potential crashes. Regardless, there is always the chance that a glitch in the system could delete hours of hard work. You might even accidentally save these changes if they go unnoticed. With other word processors, this means that all that content need to be recreated.

Luckily, WordPress has a handy “Drafts” feature that saves each drafted version of a post as separate files. This way you can always go back to a previous version of your post in case disaster strikes. Saving often is one of the most important things to do while writing in WordPress. Share this information with your team so everyone’s time and efforts won’t get lost in the digital void.

Useful Places to Look for WordPress Help

Friendly communities design an abundance of websites to help you with your WordPress technical issues. The first place to look should be the WordPress Support page. You will find plenty of official answers to questions that WordPress users ask. These range from the most common to the more complex.  WPBeginner offers a large variety of tutorials and guides to many of the features available in WordPress and even offers inside looks to upcoming updates to the web builder. YouTube is an essential site for how-to videos for nearly any subject. You can find countless helpful videos with step-by-step guidance all at your own pace.

There is no guarantee for a completely flawless online experience, but you don’t have to feel alone when disaster strikes. WordPress’ popularity means there are plenty of people probably have the same problems you do. Thanks to helpful online communities, you can have all the answers you need to know what to do when something goes wrong.