WooCommerce One Click Upsell (Case Study Results)

Imagine someone in a McDonald’s drive-through. They place their order and drive up to the first window. The cashier holds out French fries and says “We have an extra, if you want it I can add it to your order for 50% off the regular price.” How many people do you imagine would say “okay sure!”

That’s the basic idea behind the One Click Upsell. It’s an offer you display to a buyer after they have made a purchase. It’s similar to the impulse buy grocery stores hope you will make when you are in the check-out lane.

I read somewhere once that humans become tense leading up to a financial transaction, like floodwaters building against a dam. When the purchase is made, it’s like the flood gates open and some people go into “spend money mode” making them more likely to buy a product they wouldn’t have added to their cart just before.

General Flow of a One Click Upsell

  1. An online shopper chooses what they want to buy, enters their credit card and clicks “place order.”
  2. On the next screen, they are displayed with an offer, for example, “Purchase Only Offer – Add XYZ item for 50% off the regular price – Click to Add to Order.”
  3. The item is added to their order and their card is automatically charged. They don’t have to enter their credit card number again, or any other information. It’s a “one click” upsell.


The Upsell Offer

About 9 months ago we helped a client set up a One Click Upsell on their WordPress site running on WooCommerce. We set up a total of 9 offers that were triggered based on the product purchased.

Additionally, each offer contained two options, Product A, and Product B.

Product A was a variable product offer that always changed based on what was in the customer’s shopping cart. In other words, there were 9 different Product A’s that were tested.

On the other hand, Product B was a single product displayed on all offers regardless of what was in the customer’s shopping cart.

Both Product A and Product B are exclusive offers that were only available after checkout, one of them at a discounted price.

The Results

Here is a table summarizing the results of the upsell.

 Displayed   Accepted   Rejected   Conversion Rate   Sales 
 Offer 1 82 35 47 42.7% $686.70
 Offer 2 89 44 45 49.4% $770.00
 Offer 3 28 12 16 42.9% $247.00
 Offer 4 28 6 22 21.4% $72.00
 Offer 5 15 0 15 0.0% $0.00
 Offer 6 58 22 36 37.9% $399.00
 Offer 7 23 9 14 39.1% $136.50
 Offer 8 29 12 17 41.4% $218.50
 Offer 9 21 10 11 47.6% $212.00
 Totals  373 150 223 40.2% $2,741.70


Trial Length: 9 months
Average Increase Per Order: $7.35
Average Increase per month: $304.63
Total Sales Increase: $2,741.70

Is a One Click Upsell Worth it?

In this case, the answer is definitely yes. The cost of the project was $550 including the cost of the One Click Upsell Funnel Pro plugin. In nine months, the client’s gain is $2,191.70, and return on investment is 398% and counting.

What Made this Successful?

I think the main reasons this particular campaign was successful:

  • It was a legitimately exclusive offer
  • It was presented as a discount
  • It was offered after the initial purchase
  • Quality presentation (imagery, wording, and overall format)



Which Offer did the best?

All of the Product A offers converted between 21-47% except for Offer 5 which converted at a rate of 0%. That looks more like a system error to me so I’m not even going to include it.

The real winning offer here is Product B, the standard product that was offered on all orders. Product B converted 153% better than Product A. Another way to put it, for every Product A that was purchased, 2.53 Product B’s were purchased. Or you could say, Product B sold at 2.5 times the rate of Product A.

The real shocker here is that Product B was actually 45% more expensive than Product A.