Why WordPress is Popular Today



Do you have a blog or a website? If you do, what platform do you run it on? If your answer was WordPress, you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of users who currently use the CMS to create and maintain their websites. WordPress is a term that will reach your ears, regardless of the type of site or blog you own. Why is this platform one of the most popular in the world today? There are many reasons why it is so, from WordPress security to more. Here are some of the best WordPress benefits that make it so popular.

Updates are System Wide, Not Individual

If you have a WP site and you use many different extensions and plugins to make it more accessible to users, you are already enjoying one of the greatest WP benefits. Most plugins for WordPress security, SEO, and other uses operate as stand-alone plugins; no need to install additional plugins in order for them to work. Even better – all of the plugins throughout your site are updated with a few clicks. This makes the platform perfect for beginner users, because of the time saved when updating the site. Maintenance and plugin removal is also easier because you don’t compromise the work of a different plugin by making changes to one.

Plugins are Incredibly Powerful and Diverse

The popularity of WordPress and its plugin power are linked in a “chicken or the egg” type of scenario. Because WordPress is so popular, it has many plugins available. It is because it has these plugins that it is so popular. Which came first? Nobody knows. Plugins are available for multiple uses. If you have a need, a plugin is probably ready to fulfill it. Some plugins are bundled with others for free. Other plugins are powerful paid extensions that can perform a variety of tasks with ease.

You Can Host Multiple Sites on WordPress

This isn’t a feature that has been around for a long time, but is now one of the best WP benefits. This feature allows you to own and host more than one site on your WordPress account as long as you pay for the slots. Multiple sites can be managed with a single dashboard. If you have a single blog, you can host it for free. If you don’t want to pay for a domain name, you don’t have to!

It Has Pre-Made Themes for Everyone

Independent developers or those at WordPress make themes, which are packages of layouts and plugins for WP. Many of them have advanced WordPress security and design features. You also get multiple styles, layouts, and customization options. Using these pre-coded themes makes setting up your site easy. Most themes bring plugin bundles for free, along with drag-and-drop user interfaces, responsive designs, more control over advanced theme options, and more. Most importantly, their costs vary, from free, affordable, and more expensive. You pick what works for you.

So Why is WordPress Popular? 

The question is “why is WordPress popular today?”.  One answer is that you don’t need web design and coding skills to use it. There is a very small learning curve when compared to other CMS platforms. You can easily install plugins, monitor traffic and website stats, respond to your comments, post articles and content, and do so much more using it. Factor in the themes that the CMS is famous for as well as the ability to host more than one site on it and you have yourself a CMS platform that has more than earned its reputation today.