What is a time block?

Work that falls outside the scope of Harbor Care can be done by us at our hourly rate. Time blocks are prepaid hours to be applied towards work that is requested.

When a time block is purchased, those hours go into a system that we track our time against. As we work, time is deducted from the hours available.

What if all the time purchased isn’t used?

Once time is purchased and in our system, it does not expire. It is on your account and if it isn’t consumed for the originally intended purpose, it can be used later at any time for other tasks. 

We track our time down to the minute. If we initially think a task will take 30 minutes, but it only takes 15 minutes, you still have 15 minutes available for future tasks.

Time block purchases do not expire, but they are non-refundable.

What if time runs out?

Sometimes take longer than expected. If we run into complications, additional requests, or revisions, more time will need to be purchased. Time must be on the clock for us to deduct our time from.

Selling prepaid time prevents surprising, higher than expected, invoices for work completed. Everyone knows the costs before work is done or continued.