That Feeling When Your Website Goes Down

Do you know the feeling when your website is down? That sinking feeling in your stomach? Cold sweat? Anxiety?

Imagine the last time your website was down. Do you remember it? What thoughts went through your head?

“How long has it been down?”

“Who else saw that it was down?”

“Which customers?”

“Which competitors? 

When you find out your website is down, whatever you were working on takes a back seat. Even if it was really important. All you are thinking about now is “How do I get it back online? Who do I call? I wonder if the menu options have changed?

Always right? The menu options have always changed.

At that moment…would you pay $47 to never feel that way again? At that moment are you going to be asking yourself: Dang…I really wish I would have put a system in place before this happened.” 

I won’t say that if you host with us that your site’s never going to go offline. It doesn’t happen too often with us, and when it does we normally catch it and resolve it right away. But sometimes something gets past us. 

What I’m saying is that with us, it will happen WAY less often. And when it does happen:

  1. You’ll know who to call, email, or text.
  2. You’ll know the person on a first-name basis, and they will know you.
  3. After you call, you can go back to whatever you were working on. Because you know that when you work with WP Harbor, you’ve got a reliable partner on your side.

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