How it works

Simply tell someone about our service. If they sign up, and make their first payment to become a customer of ours, we’ll send you a $150 pre-paid credit card.

Who is a legitimate customer?

A legitimate customer is someone who signs up and makes their first payment with us.

Who is a not legitimate customer?

An individual who signs up for our service with no intention of actually being a customer, who has no business plans, no website, or plans to create one, is not eligible for a $150 commission. It’s fairly easy for us to tell the difference between a legitimate customer and an illegitimate one.

Any abuse or attempt to “game” our referral program will result in disqualification of commissions and an immediate ban from our referral program!

We reserve the right to withhold commissions for up to 12 months while we verify the authenticity of the customer.

Can I refer myself?

No. However you CAN refer your employer, friends, family members, etc. But you may not refer yourself.

Target customers

We serve businesses & organizations including, but not limited to, the following industries: Legal, Professional Services, Heating & Cooling, Construction, Industrial & Manufacturing, Retail & E-commerce, Travel & Leisure, Hospitality, Educational, Media, Medical, Nonprofit, Chambers Of Commerce, Government, Real Estate, Religious, etc.


Once the new customer has made their first payment, we’ll communicate with you to find out where to send your pre-paid credit card. It’s important that you tell your referral to tell us you sent them!

Information to provide people you refer

We don’t just host websites – We maintain them. Looking after the wellbeing of websites is what we love to do. They don’t need to have an existing website, but usually people already have a website when they come to us.

You can direct people to the Harbor Care section of our Pricing page for details about what we do:

You can direct referrals to John Bridgewater directly at [email protected] Or schedule a call with him here: