NPR: The Price of Getting Hacked?

Why would a hacker target a small business? It’s not for the reasons you might think. Hackers aren’t always trying to gain information. Sometimes they are looking for a place to store it. Imagine if you had something illegal that you wanted to share with others…

Stolen software? Pirated movies? or worse, illegal pornographic material? Sharing this digital contraband would lead authorities back to you. But if you can find a place to store it…like on the web server that runs an unsuspecting small businesses website.

That small business owner thinks “There’s no reason for anyone to hack my little site!” Which means their guard is down, and their site is all the more easy to break into.

There are all sorts of other reasons a hacker might want to use your site. As a shielded launch pad for attempts to hack into higher-profile targets. To run nefarious ad schemes. It’s a cyber criminal’s playground.

Here’s a nice story from NRP’s Planet Money on the cost of getting hacked: The Price Of A Hack.

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