Is WP Harbor Better Than GoWP?

Why WP Harbor Is a Better Option Over GoWP

When it comes to website management companies, we often see a trend of providing a lot of alternative services that are not necessarily connected to the performance and management of your website. We understand that everyone wants to carve out their own niche, but we feel this approach can do a disservice to clients when it comes to the core aspect of the service. The core should be the actual management of your website.

At WP Harbor, we prefer to focus first and foremost on ensuring your website is always running at peak performance. Sure, we offer you extra services and options, but those come second to the management of your website.

To make our point, we compared the service offerings, prices, and features of one of our competitors, GoWP, to highlight what makes WP Harbor special. We are not trying to take away from the services they offer in any way, we just want to show you why we are the best option for website management.

WP Harbor vs GoWP

GoWP places a lot of their chips in their outsourcing department. They have a lot of options if you are looking to hire extra manpower for your team. But, what if you only need help to manage your website? In that case, while their services are cheap, their features leave much to be desired. Take a look at how their Maintenance plan compares to WP Harbor’s Standard Plan:

Plan Pricing

The GoWP price plans start at $29 per month, $79.00 for their Content Edits plan, and rapidly escalate from there to the thousands for dedicated developers and project managers. Our starter plan is $18 more at $47. Now that might make GoWP’s plan sound better, but the devil is in the details. You get what you pay for, and for $29 a month, you will only get the most basic elements of website management.

Premium WordPress Plugins

GoWP will keep your plugins up to date, but not much besides that. WP Harbor? We include a suite of premium WordPress plugins. We are talking about more than $1000 in plugins and tools, including popular ones such as Gravity Forms, the Thrive Suite, and both Facebook and Instagram Smash Balloon integrations.

Essential SEO

If you want your website to succeed, people need to find it first. That’s why you want someone that takes care of the essential SEO configurations your website needs. WP Harbor can do that but GoWP doesn’t.

Visitor Tracking

Your website is a treasure trove of useful data on the behavior of your customer or viewer. We’ll set you up with Google Analytics and Google Search console so you can make the most out of this resource. GoWP won’t do that for you.

Speed Optimization

Nowadays, a fast website is essential to a seamless user experience. No matter how good your website looks, people won’t want to return if it runs badly. That’s why WP Harbor includes speed and performance optimizations for your website as part of our plan. We offer WP Rocket as part of our service.  GoWP doesn’t.

Cloud Backups

GoWP offers daily backups as part of their maintenance plan. We take it a step further. We will back up your site daily and weekly. That means that even if your site fails, and the daily backup fails as well, you still have a third option to fall back to. Now that is being prepared for anything!

Professional E-Mail Service

WP Harbor offers professional email services as an extra option you can request. We’ll set you up with a unique domain name starting at $4/Email with our own HarborMail solution, or $7/Domain with Google Workspace. GoWP has a white label e-mail support service as part of their $79 plan, but it’s more about them making it look like the support e-mails to clients come from you.

Side-by-Side Comparison


Plans and Services WP Harbor GoWP
Pricing $47 monthly for complete website management $29 monthly for basic website maintenance
Premium WordPress Plugins Included Not Offered
Visitor Tracking Google Analytics and Google Search integration Not Offered
Essential SEO Included Not Offered
Speed Optimization Included in Starter Plan Not offered
Cloud Backups Daily and Weekly Backups stored on separate servers Daily
Professional E-Mail Service Starting at $4/Inbox White Label e-mail support only as part of the $79 monthly plan


Don’t Settle for Less

GoWP has a lot of interesting options when it comes to hiring dedicated developers and copywriters for your agency, but so does WP Harbor. And when it comes to the actual management of your website, the offerings of GoWP fall a little short. Sure, their price isn’t bad but for a little more you can get the results you actually wanted. WP Harbor has everything they offer, and much more, for just $18 more a month. Work with a team that is fully dedicated to every aspect of your website’s management. Contact us today.