Five Reasons WordPress is a Top Blogging Platform

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When it comes to blogging, knowing which platform to use can leave you overwhelmed. WordPress is easily the top blogging platform and it keeps getting better with every new feature. There are certainly more than five reasons why WordPress is a top blogging platform, but the list we have created certainly showcases the largest reasons for its success.

1. It’s Free

First and foremost, WordPress is a free blogging platform. The website builder offers a vast array of options for its free users that can still boost anyone looking to make an impact on the blogging world. Of course, there are additional features and accesses that can be gained by paying for a premium membership, but the free features are more than enough to help get you started.

2. Customization

Right from the start, WordPress offers hundreds of free themes to easily customize your personal web blogging experience. These allow you to change the layout, color, and style of your very own website. Aside from the aesthetic additions, you can tweak your page to becoming anything you could ever want it to be. With WordPress, you can make a web store, news site, or any other kind of business possible!

3. Ease of Use

WordPress is extraordinarily simple for those with little to no coding experience. Through a series of menus, you will be able to add pages, create titles, and add pictures and information with ease. For those looking for more intricate controls, look no further than WordPress. With WordPress, you can code additional features and options for your visitors to create a truly one of a kind experience.

4. Support

Because WordPress is so popular, there is a vast support network online. WordPress itself has a friendly and useful “Help” section filled with questions and answers in their forums. There are also other helpful tools and assistants online that demonstrate key features with articles, videos, and web chats to make sure you are getting the most out of your WordPress website.

5. SEO Friendly

WordPress sites have a unique algorithm that places them high up on Google’s search engine radar. Google is always looking for websites with popular keywords and key phrases. WordPress has accessible options that put all of this information exactly where it needs to be to rank high in user search results. With this increased set of traffic, you will be making headlines before you know it!

There are countless ways that WordPress helps its users get ahead online. It’s free to get started and its additional paid features are certainly worth the cost. All it takes is a little bit of time to get started and a little bit more to master everything the service has to offer.