Why Experienced Bloggers Choose WordPress

WordPress Bloggers

Choosing a blog platform is one of the most important decisions a blogger can make. WordPress platforms allow bloggers to customize their sites, optimize search engine rankings, and cater to even the most experienced bloggers.  WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for sites.  According to Torque Magazine, more than 25% of all internet sites run WordPress.  While a short learning curve is involved for those new to the platform, WordPress lays the foundation for bloggers. They can customize their site with themes, plugins, and social media sharing to boost visibility on the web.


The most appealing feature of WordPress is that users can choose from over 50,000 plugins to enhance and customize their blog.  Bloggers of all skill levels can add plugins themselves, several of which are free.   Plugins can also help site visibility by providing links for sharing posts on social media.  WordPress blogs can utilize plugins to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  For those looking to enhance visuals and graphics, several plugins provide photo editing and display options.  More experienced bloggers will utilize Jetpack. This plugin allows bloggers to track blog traffic, direct readers to related posts, and some security features.

Supportive Community

Even the most veteran bloggers and content creators run into questions at times.  The WordPress online family is abundant.  When posting in WordPress sponsored forums, assistance is often received within 24-48 hours from staff.  If you need a troubleshooting fix immediately, there are hundreds of WordPress forums and articles available right at your fingertips.


If you’re an experienced blogger, chances are you have many irons in the fire.  WordPress users can customize their sites without having to code. This allows bloggers to spend more time actually designing and modifying their content.  The WordPress interface is easy to navigate, allowing for access to themes, posts, and pages with one click.  WordPress hardware updates often happen automatically and are easy to initiate.  Most plugins are also easily updated.


WordPress is known all over the web for being SEO-friendly.  As stated above, WordPress allows for easy content creation and unique customization—both aspects of websites that Google loves.  The platform also allows bloggers to choose themes to optimize SEO.  The availability of mobile-friendly and responsive themes is also a plus, boosting search engine rankings for sites with readers on the go.