Don’t Go Another Day Without SSL on WordPress Site

SSL is a key feature of internet security. A site without SSL is setting itself up for scams, hacks, and general bad activity. Even if nothing ever happens to your site, having SSL is a sign of good faith to anyone who visits your site. Don’t let another day pass without getting SSL on WordPress.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for secure socket layer. This phrase alone doesn’t tell the average person much. Without getting too deep into the specifics of how computers communicate, SSL is a way for computers to interact securely. SSL allows an encrypted link between a server and a browser. This prevents third parties (like phishers, hackers, etc.) from reading what goes on between someone’s browser and your server. This is especially essential when a person might be sending sensitive information to your server. If someone purchases something from your site, their credit card details need to remain encrypted and secure. SSL helps make that happen by establishing a baseline of defense.

Why Should You Have SSL on WordPress?

SSL is a basis of good security. If you don’t have a site that regularly accepts sensitive information from viewers, you may think that you don’t need SSL. If no emails, passwords or credit card details are being transferred, why go through the bother? The fact is that SSL is a blanket, basic security feature. If you don’t have SSL installed, your site is going to look less secure and more suspicious to someone browsing it. Additionally, if you ever do decide you want to process data of a more sensitive nature, you’re going to have to add SSL anyway. Having SSL even if you think you don’t need it is a gesture that raises the reputation of your website. SSL on WordPress is just a good idea.

How Can You Get SSL on WordPress?

Getting SSL on WordPress is actually pretty easy. First, you should ask your hosting service if they provide one for you. Some, like WP Harbor, offer free SSL certificates when you host with them. It’s an extra perk for customers, and it makes the process of getting SSL on WordPress much easier. If your host doesn’t offer SSL certificates, you have to buy it. Find a reputable seller, purchase your SSL, and either install it yourself or have your host install it. This is pretty straightforward once you have it. The trick is buying the right one.

SSL is the basis of a good reputation. If your WordPress doesn’t handle sensitive information for your viewers, it’s still worth it to put your best foot forward. Get SSL on your WordPress site today.