Are Cheaper Domains Actually Cheaper

What About Cheaper Registrars?

We’re not a domain registrar. We provide domain management, which includes registration on our client’s behalf. This is We know what you need when it comes to purchasing a new domain and we provide it at a reasonable price without any of the games that others play.

We did a comparison and thought you’d find it helpful.

Let’s Buy a Domain Together

Whether you are renewing a domain or in need of a new one, our price for domain renewals and purchases is $35.

“But GoDaddy has them for much cheaper…”

We are well aware that other registrars sell and renew domains for an apparently cheaper price. However, like most things, the devil is in the details. We will take a look at a common Godaddy offer and examine it compared to WP Harbor pricing.

Let’s take a look at what I found when looking to purchase




The cost at GoDaddy to purchase for the first year (renews higher) was $11.99.

The Devil is in the Details

This domain lists for $11.99.  Sounds great?  But, a closer look at the fine print reveals this is introductory pricing.  The renewal cost is $17.99.  You will then see a notice warning you that your personal information will not be private.


When you go to check out they tell you your information will be public unless you pay $9.99

What did they leave out?

When you hover over the question mark under the yellow “Just a reminder” box, you find out what they are leaving out when they hooked you with a low introductory domain price.




Hovering over the small question mark reveals what you would have like to known up front

How Cheap is the “Cheaper” Domain Now?

When you add domain privacy to your order it brings the price to $19.77 after tax for the first year. The renewal cost a year later for this domain will be $27.98 before tax.



After being upsold what you actually need the price is much higher

But wait! There’s More!

They offer a higher level of protection for $14.99 a year per domain!



The upselling continues where vital protection is available in hidden fees

Fancy Names and Higher Prices

When you find out what they are including for the higher protection, you probably want it.



What WP Harbor provides up front, they bury in two tiers of upsells

So What Does a “Cheaper” Domain Actually Cost?

After upsells, your total is $27.16 for the first year!

Do you know how to manage DNS records?

When something goes wrong, will you be able to troubleshoot or resolve your issue?

If not you will be dialing up an 800 number and listening to a menu for the right button to push, then waiting on hold for who knows how long, hoping you reach the right person who can answer your issue.

We Takes a Different Approach

We don’t play games with you. We know what you need and provide it up front at a clearly disclosed and reasonable price.

When we charge $35 for a domain renewal or purchase we offer:

• The securing of the domain for one year
• Domain privacy
• Unlimited DNS updates
• DNS management and oversight.

If something goes wrong or if one of your DNS records needs to be edited, we will take care of it for you free of charge.

The Difference

When you purchase a .com TLD through GoDaddy, your introductory price for the first year comes to around $27. We charge $35. The $8 difference is negligible when you think about the value of your time and the frustration of waiting on hold.

We take the time, stress, and cost of DNS management off of your shoulders!

If you are comfortable editing your own DNS records, you are welcome to host your site with us and use your own domain registrar. However, if you request our assistance in managing your DNS our hourly rate for support will apply.

Contact [email protected] to choose a new domain today!