What’s Included?

Every website needs edits from time to time. Harbor Edits is geared towards existing sites that need content on existing pages updated or changed on a regular basis. Examples of what we consider edits include:

  • Changing or updating text and images on existing pages
  • Adding new blog posts that you’ve provided all the content and formatting for
  • Creating simple text-based pages
  • Updating your website navigation menu
  • Changing or updating image sliders
  • Installing and configuring simple plugins (integrating an MLS plugin is an example of a complex plugin that is not included)
  • Updating staff bios
  • Updating events
  • Editing contact form settings

Basically, editing anything within the limits of the existing functionality of your website.

Harbor Edits is the perfect plan for organizations that need a reliable partner to make regular updates to their website while avoiding the high cost of hiring a web developer.

Harbor Edits does not include custom web design or development.

What isn’t Included?

If you think of a website as a house, Harbor Edits covers unlimited “handyman tasks” like mowing the lawn, patching dents and dings in walls, replacing door hardware, replacing outlet covers, and so on. Simple, “around the house” tasks that don’t require a builders permit.

Harbor Edits does not include:

  • Changes to your site’s underlying coding
  • Creation of new functionality
  • Content creation
  • Strategic problem solving

Examples of tasks that are not included with Harbor Edits:

  • Creating new, custom-designed pages
  • Editing code
  • Adding a new plugin with complex functionality (more than a 20-minute project)
  • Creating a searchable database
  • Designing a new website
  • Designing and developing a new page
  • Resolving problems that require investigation by our development team
  • Researching to find a solution to an uncommon problem

If you need a custom solution that doesn’t fall under Harbor Edits, we offer custom web development services at $100/hr. We only charge for the time required to complete the task and we track our time to the minute.