What’s Included?

Every website needs edits from time to time. Our unlimited edits plan is geared towards existing sites that need content added, updated, or changed. Examples of what we consider edits include:

  • Adding new blog posts that you’ve provided all the content and formatting for
  • Adding new pages that you’ve provided all the content and formatting for
  • Adding or changing images on sliders, pages, or blog posts
  • Adding a simple plugin (integrating an MLS plugin is an example of a complex plugin that is not included)
  • Adding or editing text
  • Updating phone numbers
  • Updating names
  • Editing contact form settings

Basically, editing anything where the existing functionality of your website can be used to implement the changes you are looking to see.

Our Unlimited Plan is perfect for organizations with annual budgets requiring spending approval. Our unlimited plan enables organizations to get basic edits made to their website within a set budget.

Edits are different from needing a custom-developed solution to fix a problem or introduce new functionality.

What isn’t Included?

If you think of a website like a house, our Unlimited Edits Plan covers “handyman” maintenance items like lawn care, but not landscaping. Patching dents and dings in walls, but not building new walls. Replacing door hardware, but not installing new doors. Replacing outlet covers, but not running new wiring.

If you need to make a change to your site’s underlying coding, need us to create new functionality, or integrate or utilize unused functionality, it is considered a custom solution.

If you do not have a clear idea of what needs to be changed, do not have the content required for the update, or requires us to investigate how to solve a problem, it is not an edit.

Examples of tasks that are not included in our Unlimited Edits plan:

  • Creating or editing code
  • Adding a new plugin with complex functionality to your site to introduce new functionality
  • Creating a searchable database
  • Designing a new website
  • Designing and developing a new page
  • Resolving problems that require investigation by our development team
  • Researching to find a solution to an uncommon problem

If you need custom web development that doesn’t fall under our Unlimited Edits Plan, we offer custom web development services at $100/hr.  We only charge for the time required to complete the task and we track our time to the minute.