What Is Billable Work?

It depends on whether you are on our Starter Plan or Unlimited Edits Plan. You can learn more about our different plans here: https://wpharbor.com/pricing/

On our Starter Plan, anytime you request we log in to your site to make a change, customization, or fix a break, it’s billable.

On our Unlimited Plan, all edits are included at no additional charge. Custom work is billable. You can learn more about what is and is not included here: https://wpharbor.com/unlimited-edits/

What Is Not Billable Work?

  • Server/hosting related requests like increasing the max execution time.
  • DNS updates for Domains under our management.
  • Updating Plugins (software update)
  • Updating WordPress (software update)
  • Answering general website questions.
  • Answering general marketing questions.
  • Things we do for you that you don’t ask us to do.
  • Sales related questions like asking us how much it would cost do to “X”.

Our Philosophy on Billing

We only for the time it takes to complete the work. We do not bill in increments or round time up. We track our time to the minute. We work efficiently and put your best interests ahead of our own.

Many Web Development Agencies charge a high rate even if work only takes a few minutes. That’s not our style.

How is Time Tracked?

We use Toggl to track time. We track our time to the minute, as opposed to 5 or 15 minute increments. All invoices from WP Harbor contain a memo with the time period of when the work on the invoice was completed.


What’s your Refund Policy or Guarantee?

We want you to be happy with our work! If you’re not, please let us know and we will work with you to make it right.

With any project we work on, we keep clients updated at regular intervals, taking their feedback into account along the way. For this reason it’s very uncommon for us to have a major issues with dissatisfaction.

If you’re so unhappy that you don’t want to pay us, you can return the work we did (by deleting it) and we won’t charge you.

We do not provide refunds for consumable products like Web Hosting and Search Engine Optimization. Once these services are rendered, they are not returnable or refundable.


Industry Average Web Development Rates

Entreprenuer.com surveyed over 1,000 digital marketing agencies and freelancers across 16 countries and found the average hourly rate for a Web Design and Development Agency is between $101-$150 per hour.

Our standard rate of $150/hour falls within the “average range”, however, we offer a preferred client rate of $100/hour for websites we host.

If we do not host your website our standard hourly rate will apply. 

Standard Rate: $150/hour

Preferred Client Rate: $100/hour


Our Standard Rate vs. Preferred Client Rate

We offer our preferred client rate for work completed on websites we host. If we do not host your website our standard hourly rate will apply. 

Standard Rate: $150/hour

Preferred Client Rate: $100/hour